Government customers

We regularly participate in and support tender purchases under the Federal Law No. 44 and Federal Law No. 223. Having
enormous experience and accreditation on most sites, LLC "Group Dynamics"
offers our future partners:
- Transaction support from the initial call to the signing of closing documents;
- We make commercial proposals for the formation of NMTK;
- We make furniture according to your size and requirements;
- Our furniture is all certified and has the appropriate quality documents;
- We will prepare individual terms of reference for you;
- We provide product warranty and post warranty service;
- We have successfully completed contracts with companies such as: ПАО ВТБ, ПАО
СБЕРБАНК, Центральный Банк России, ООО «Транснефть-Восток», ПАО «Промсвязьбанк», ЗАО «Ижевский нефтяной научный центр»

Stages of work

Acquaintance and identification of the need

Coordination of positions and formation of Initial maximum contract price

Preparation of documentation for participation in the tender

Signing the contract after the won tender procedure

Production of furniture and delivery to the site in accordance with the terms

Project delivery